Food Glorious Food

Thursday 23rd June 2016

For many of our students, the weekly cooking lesson is the highlight of their Thursday. Students have really grown in their confidence in their kitchen and are becoming more independent in reading and following recipes for themselves, with some getting a little creative and adapting their recipes to their own tastes. Many have completed a Level 1 SEFL unit in Basic Food Preparation and Cooking and a further Entry Level 3 unit in Planning a Healthy Diet.

We’ve cooked a range of dishes and try to make a mixture of healthy dishes, everyday meals, and some less than healthy treats. Recently we have made curries, pasties, burgers, flapjack, chocolate brownies, smoothies, and designed our own fruit desserts. We even worked together to make tacos to eat whilst we watched the England Vs Wales match at the end of the day. I definitely think we have some budding chefs in the class.