Heart stopping work!

Tuesday 28th June 2016

This Tuesday the students at TLG Manchester learnt an incredible skill – how to save a life! Thanks to British Heart Foundation we were able to deliver a session on CPR, running through exactly how to respond in a life-threatening situation. Students learnt how to survey an area for safety, check a person’s breathing and pulse, call an ambulance, and give CPR, all in an interactive session.

Learning the technique wasn’t easy, but definitely paid off, as each student proudly used their newfound ‘hero’ skills to rescue CPR doll ‘Resusci Annie’ from a life threatening situation. Both students and staff are looking forward to getting the CPR kit out again for another session of hero-work.

A student engaging in learning that is practical, fun and informative is always amazing to watch,  especially when they’ve learnt a skill to set them up for life – and may even save someone else’s!