Making a bang with science

Wednesday 29th June 2016

TLG Manchester students have been experimenting with household ingredients and equipment to see what scientific reactions we could make, with only a few simple everyday resources.  First we defined what chemical reactions are.  To see these in action we made rockets and volcanoes using bicarbonate of soda and white malt vinegar. 

With this as our spring board we moved on to experimenting with density, light and heat.

What really didn’t go down with a bang were our homemade fireproof balloons. We managed to show that a blown up balloon over an open flame doesn’t always pop. We proved that with just a little bit of water inside the balloon it would be able to withstand the heat from the flame.

TLG Manchester’s breath was taken away when we studied the amazing ways how our bodies work.  Topics included how we breath (respiratory system), how our hearts work (the cardiovascular system), hearing and sight, digestion and the brain.  Pupils have completed SEFL Units on Healthy Living and Healthy Diet to ground their working and build towards an accredited portfolio.