New Term - New Programme

Wednesday 16th November 2016

At TLG Manchester we have always worked with students who are in crisis in their education to help them grow in confidence, raise their aspirations and reach their full potential - providing building blocks for a better life. For some students this means preparing to return to mainstream school, and for others this means being prepared to enter the more adult worlds of college and work.

This term we are have added RESET to our timetable to create space to explicitly address the skills needed to be successful in learning environments as part of our curriculum. The Reset programme helps students to:

  • reflect on their journey so far and their experiences and expectations of education
  • identify and address barriers to learning, relationships and personal development
  • develop skills that will help them to make the most of future learning opportunities

Topics covered in the programme include:

My learning journey

Peer relationships

Behaviours for learning

Behaviour barriers

Working with teachers

Dealing with expectations from others

Relationship barriers

Working as part of a group

Fitting into “the big picture”

Conflict resolution

Time management

Action planning