Exam season

Thursday 25th May 2017

It looks like Summer is here.  Bright sunshine, light evenings and no need to carry a rain coat with you everywhere you go… Such a delight.

With summer though comes exam season in school.  Our TLG students are sitting exams throughout May and June.  We are really proud of all they have achieved this year and hope this exam season allows them to take pride in their efforts and show off what they can do.

If you are a parent you can help your child perform at their best.  Here are some top tips for exam success…
• Make sure they get plenty of sleep.  Good sleep hygiene is more than just going to bed early the night before an exam – although that is a good idea.  A regular pattern of good sleep is proven to increase energy levels, concentration and improve mental health and emotional wellbeing.
• Give them a hearty breakfast.  Go for fruit, cereal, toast or porridge rather than snacky foods.  Definitely not chocolate.  A hungry young person struggles to focus on learning and will not perform well in exams. 
• Encourage them to drink plenty of water.  The brain is mostly water, drinking water helps you think, focus and concentrate better and be more alert.  As an added bonus energy levels are also boosted by being properly hydrated. I’m not just talking about a glass of your finest H20 on the morning of the exam though.  Drinking water regularly over a period of time has proven health benefits.
• Talk about the exams with your child.  Find out if they are worried or which bits they are confident with.  Involve learning in the normal routine around the house.  Ask them to answer quick fire times table questions or explain something they learnt that day at school.  They may even enjoying showing off to you what they can do.

If you would like more advice about supporting your child’s learning please contact us to make an appointment.  We can show you their work books and talk you through what they will need to know for this set of exams.  Thanks for all your ongoing support.